The old is new again.

2017-09-02 20:51:41 by OddaSykes

I made a revision of one of my lesser songs; I think its a lot better now. I hope you think the same.

New tunes.

2017-08-08 06:19:02 by OddaSykes

Get em here (or just take a gander at the audio pod):

New stuff.

2016-07-01 04:53:40 by OddaSykes

Here's the latest track, along with the finished (maybe) version of The Funny Girl's Request. Enjoy!

Underwater is reinstated.

2016-06-14 04:50:25 by OddaSykes

Underwater is back up here on Newgrounds. Rather than go through the tedium of fixing the looping issue, I just uploaded the non-looping version instead. Enjoy.

The time has come.

2016-04-15 19:43:18 by OddaSykes

From this point forward, I'm gonna try to be more active in the Newgrounds community. Its been awhile since I had a good trip through the audio portal anyway. In the meantime, here is some recent work:


2016-02-10 01:54:31 by OddaSykes

I'm updating this page again!

Time flies.

2014-10-26 18:17:44 by OddaSykes

Its been over a year already? Time really flies.

It only took 11 years...

2013-08-29 02:02:25 by OddaSykes

But I finally made a Newgrounds account. I welcome all who visit! This page will primarily be used to show off my music, as I'm not much for flash or drawn art. Who knows what could change in the near future though? You can refer to me as either Odda C., or OddaSykes. Either way, I'm here to stay.